SBCW3- A Green Lighter in the Snow

This is part of a short story I have written for my English class:

The girl with pale white skin in the glass mirror looks at me. The same old face staring back. The same light stone grey eyes and thin pink lips. The same perfectly trimmed short night black hair and thin body only covered by a casual short grey dress matching her eyes, sandy coat, and hot chocolate boots.
The stairs creaked as I take my time going down as every morning. There are the ordinary voices coming from the room at the end of the similar hallway, and yet like each day I walk the opposite way and right out the door.

Source: Pixabay, “Free for commercial use, No attribution required”
The air burns on my skin. The grass, frosty and the wind leading the leafless trees’ dance. The sky, smoky grey.
Jess rolls up and stops the black berlingo in front of the house, and scrolls the window down.
“How’s my Lynnie doing?!” Jess screams in laughters.
I climb into the passenger’s seat. I can feel my face reddening with heat, ”Oh my gosh Jess. Don’t make me already regret this,” ending the sentence also laughing.
The car smoothly starts to roll down the street.
“Oh come on girl! I know you’ve been secretly waiting for this day to come!”
“Shut up!” I answer smiling. I feel my smile drop.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I just suddenly feel kind of sick.”
“You’re just probs stressed and hungry.”
We stop at the brick house covered in plants. Jess honks once or twice before the front door swings open. Caleb runs out hopping around in the grass making his way towards us. Two meters away he stops and starts dancing around. Jess and I start laughing. Caleb suddenly breaks into a sprint and jumps into the back seat. He joins us laughing.
“Guys.” He calls us.
We both turn around to see Caleb holding a small black ovalish tube. Jess and I turn to look at eachother and break into screams.
“OMG!!! This is gonna be the best day ever!!” Jess turns back and starts driving again.
“Lynn, you have steady hands right?” Caleb turns to look at me.
I smile so hard my face feels like it’s going to stretch until it bursts. I make a quick turn to face him and grab the black tube out of his hands. He leans his face forwards and closes his eyes.
“Open your eyes duffus!!” I tell him. He opens them and looks at Jess. I unscrew the tube and paint the brush against his eyelashes. I go over twice one each set of lashes and back off to look.
“Do I look like Kim K. yet?!”
“No ha ha but you look beautiful.”
Caleb came out last year about being gay. He isn’t transgender but he always thought his eyelashes were too short. We have been telling to try putting mascara for weeks and today was the day.
Jess pulled up to the last house. The biggest of all. Perfect white with square balconies and windows. The front door slowly opened up and Noa stepped out. She walked taking her time down the pathway, her chocolate ponytail flowing behind her.
She joins Caleb in the back and smiles wide when her eyes meet his.


Some people who read this believe the newly introduced Noa is hiding a mysterious secret… Comment what you think is Noa’s secret and what Lynn is getting ready to do on that day. How do you think the rest of the story will go? Also comment if you would like to know what the rest of the story is.

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