Drawings- SBC4

Over two days, I have been working on different styles of drawing. I have completed three various sketches…

I started off with a simple and quick, neat, pencil sketch with shading based on one main event during my elementary school:

Secondly, I made a fully colored line drawing based on one of my favorite YouTubers: SirCutieYuki, who posts animations and video game videos. In this case this is her (pink hair) with the tear and star of Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter (manga/ anime serie), which is her favorite anime character. Next to her is her friend who goes by Eyeball, who plays as a one-eyed alien.

Lastly, I finished by drawing another piece of fan art. This is a drawing of a kawaii chibi character in a Bonnie costume (Five Nights at Freddy’s- a video game):

Comment below, what is your favorite anime/manga? Any recommendations for me to draw or watch/read?

235 thoughts on “Drawings- SBC4

  1. G’day Agathe,
    I would love to use this post in next week’s visiting challenge. If your answer is yes, could you just add a question at the end of the post for your visitors to answer. Something like:
    What do you enjoy drawing about? or Who is your favourite anime/manga character and why?

      1. Hi Agathe,

        My name is hmstayne, I enjoy look at your blog and see that maybe you should show your art more often. I would love to see them. As you can see on my blog http://hmstayne.edublogs.org/. You can tell what I like. But if you can comment on my blog that would be great.


    1. Thank you Jori!

      My favorite animes are Fairy Tail and Gunslinger Girl. I have heard of Naruto but have never watched nor read it, next on my list!
      I’m glad someone shares my interests. I will check out your blog asap!

      Another random person,

      1. I watched Gunslinger Girl and Fairy Tail over the summer and they were pretty good. My favorite anime is The Seven Deadly Sins. Also, Naruto is pretty good. I am on season three and I watch every weekend.

        Random person #3,

        1. Woah, woah, woah. Scratch the Seven Deadly Sins being my favorite anime. I just remembered that One Punch Man is my favorite anime.It was just qaulity.

    1. Over all, I have done many drawings. Too many to count that is. The first drawing was inspired by when I first came to an American school when I was younger and had trouble making friends.
      I will check out your blog asap!

    1. Thank you very much! Maybe when I finish school and university that could be an idea.
      I will check out your blog asap!

  2. Hello Agathe,
    Hi, I am Kristin. I love Five Nights at Freddy’s. Your drawing was so detailed and I love it. Do you know the YouTube channel “Game Theory”? They make the best theories for FNAF. I have watched them like 14 times. Who is your favorite animatronic? Mine has to be the Puppet. I don’t know why he is though. I would love to hear back from you. Check my blog out at: http://kristindgms24.edublogs.org/
    Hear from you soon,

    1. Hi Kristin,
      Thank you very much! I do not know that YouTube channel but I will make sure to check it out!
      My favorite animations are Bonnie and original Freddy.
      I will take a look at your blog asap!


  3. Hello Agathe! Your drawings are really good! I love how detailed you made your drawings! I wish I could draw that good but unfortunately I can’t! My favorite drawing is the girl behind the tree. She looks like she is at school and lonely. I really like it but I think you should add some color. I think it will really look nice if it is all colored. And maybe you could add some texture to the tree or the student’s clothes! I can’t wait to see it when it is done. 🙂 I heard you like video games and YouTube. I like them too. But I usually stick with apps instead of actual video games. Do you like any other you tubers? I like a lot of them but mostly I don’t know their names! I have to be honest I don’t like FNAF but if you do then rock it! Do whatever you like and stick with it. If someone teases you say you don’t care what they think and you never asked them because you are you and that’s all that matters! Hey check out my blog! http://elianadgms24.edublogs.org/

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for the ideas about the first drawing, I will see what I can do about it.
      I like many YouTubers including: Lisa Koshy, Reaction Time, Winshard, Mikey Murphy, Jess Herz, and Jessiepaege.

      Thanks for everything,

  4. Agathe,
    I’m a bit biased about drawing styles, I don’t like very colorful drawings, but the drawing you made in school was really good, I draw animals like goats, boars, etc. My main drawing style is made up of lots of hastily drawn lines. I only use the colors black, brown, purple, and a dark green. It seems you have a few styles your good at. My favorite anime character is probably Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul or Natsu from Fairy Tale. I think you should watch Tokyo Ghoul, P.s. it’s a bit gory, rephrase that, it’s really gory. What type of drawing is your main type? How did you get into drawing?
    Graham M.

    1. Dear Graham,
      I will definitely check out Tokyo Ghoul!
      In drawing, I mostly like to draw chibis and cartoon characters, colorful or not depending on my mood.
      I got into drawing kind of automatically as I grew up just randomly liking it, however I could have been influenced by my grandmother who is an artist and/or my uncle who designs animes in Japan.

      Thank you,

  5. Hi Agathe!

    Wow! You are AMAZING! I love the Bonnie chibi character, it was adorable! I do not watch anime or manga, but I’m hoping I can some time. What anime or manga would you recommend to watch? Also, if you want, may you check my blog out (http://sophiaagms24.edublogs.org/)

    Sophia A.

    1. Hello Sophia!
      In anime, I recommend Fairy Tail and Gunslinger girl the most! Maybe start with Fairy Tail first though as it is a very well known anime and it includes various themes for an open selection of audience.

      Thank you!

  6. Im OBSESSED with drawing! Its like putting your feelings on paper. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch Little Witch Academia, BEST ANIME EVER!! i finished 2 seasons in 2 days. Also there is another show that i love, season 2 just came out and i watched it in 1 day, 15, 45 minute long episodes. Glitter Force Doki Doki, sounds weird until you watch it. But i love your drawings!!!

    1. I have watched Glitter Force Doki Doki, as a matter of fact! But I will check out Little Witch Academia.
      Thank you so much! I’m glad someone feels the same about drawing and anime as me! 😀


  7. I also really like to as well. In my art class in my school we had to draw something and mine made it to the art show. I think you should draw a good portred of yourself. I like that you added a lot of detail in your blog. You did a really good and keep up drawling.

  8. This was AMAZING! I love this post because I love manga and anime thank you for sharing this. What is your favorite manga/Anime?

  9. Hello Agathe,
    I think your drawings are really cool, especially the third one with the Bonnie costume, what I think you could draw is maybe Pokemon, or Digimon there are many different things you can draw from those two animes.


  10. Hello there,

    I can definitely relate to your blog! I have drawn some things but am not as you! I was wondering what kind of things are your favorite to draw? Your blog is very interesting to me!
    ~Xavier O

    1. Hello Xavier,
      My favorite things to draw on my free time are mostly chibis and cartoon characters.
      Thank you and I hope you keep on enjoying my blog,

      1. Hello my name is Makayla, I really like your pictures you drew. I also like anime/chibi’s too. Do you always draw in your free time? Your blog is very awesome you should do more blogs like this one. You should go visit my blog site they are cool here is the link http://makaylakgms24.edublogs.org/ THANK YOU FOR READING MY COMMENT

        1. Hi Makayla,
          I’m glad you liked my drawings. 🙂
          I draw all the time during my free time.

          Thank you for commenting,

  11. Agathe,
    I love your artwork ! I think that you have some talent! As I was reading, I was wondering what your favorite style of art is. Mine is painting, specifically oil painting. Do you have a specific favorite thing to draw? And which of the artworks which you posted above do you like the most, and have the most pride with? As another person who loves art and trying new styles, I’m very eager to hear your reply! Perhaps you could also visit my blog!
    Happy Blogging and Drawing,

    1. Hello Sara,
      I’m glad you enjoy my drawings! Normally on my free time I draw mostly chibis or cartoon characters, however I really like to do still art in pencil when I have something to draw. If I do paint, I prefer to use acrylic as it mixes well and dries decently fast.
      My personal favorite of the three drawings I did above is probably the chibi in the Bonnie costume, however the second one with the anime referenced YouTuber took way more time and effort.

      Thank you,

  12. Dear Agathe,
    I really like your drawings. I think your an amazing artist. I personally really like the first drawing that you did during an event at your elementary school. I think you are very creative with your drawings for instance the Bonnie costume is very creative and I liked how you added color to your drawing to make it pop.

  13. Dear Agathe,

    In my opinion, my favorite one is the first one. I like the first one the most because it reminds me of my life in 4th grade. I would play basketball, but I would notice a sad girl under a tree. What do you think is the scariest game of the Five Nights At Freddy’s series?

    1. Hello,
      I cannot really answer your question as I have only played FNAF 3, which seemed like the best of the series for me after looking over the game reviews. However I was never really scared of the game, and I’m not saying that to seem tough but the jump scares just made me laugh. xD


  14. Dear Agathek,
    I love drawing and anime as well! I recommend nanbaka and inuyasha. I also love your chibi drawing because its so cute! Whats your favorite anime?


    Come check out my blog!

  15. Hi Agathe!
    I absolutely LOVE your blog! I already love drawing, but your blog inspired me to try shading more often. As for my favorite anime… it would have to be Fairy Tail. Have you seen Fairy Tail before? If you haven’t you should check it out! If you have seen it try Dragon ball Z or Dragon ball gt or Dragon ball super (Dragon ball super is in Japanese with subtitles though). If you wanna check out my blogs here’s the URL: https://goo.gl/dGd926
    My blog is about various things, and on one of them , you can finish the story!
    Anisteicia (Ani)

    1. Hi Ani,
      As a matter of fact Fairy Tail is also my favorite anime! I will check out the other animes you recommended! Thank you!


  16. Dear Agethe,
    You seem like a really good drawer and I like your art that you made, all of them have so much detail. I tried drawing myself once before but didnt do very good, so after a while I stopped and did other things. My faverite anime used to be pokemon, now Im not sure which anime I really like. Is the first one in the blog your first drawing in genral?

    From, Someone

    1. Hi someone, xD
      Thank you so much! And for drawing yourself, practice makes perfect! 🙂
      The first picture in my post is not my first drawing, as I have made many before.


  17. Dear Agathe,

    I love your art styles. Showing that you have three different art styles can tell me that you want to learn more than just one art style which is great. One anime I would recommend is Boku no Hero Academia. It is a great and inspiring anime that I think you would love. Two other anime series that I’ve watched and loved was Soul Eater and One Punch Man. Watching anime myself helps me get ideas for my art and the styles that I do and these anime have inspired me to draw.

    If you would like, go ahead and check out my blog:https://goo.gl/SVUoi8
    Zoe .H

  18. Dear Agathe,

    I like your drawings! They are very colorful (most of them) and look great. Your FNAF fan art is very nice and my little brother would love it.


  19. Dear Agathe,
    You have very nice art skills! My favorite anime is Naruto and has been for a while. This is my favorite anime because it never gets slow or old it always has something entertaining going on.
    From, Kaitlyn

  20. Dear Agathe,

    I love anime. I honestly think Attack on Titan is my favorite. I watch notebook, and Naruto, but Attack on Titan is number one. Anime is meant to be nice, not bloody and gore, but Attack on Titan is just that, and so is notebook. Also, amazing job on your sketches! You said, “Quick, and simple sketch,” but, no, that was not a quick and simple sketch. It looked liked you put very, very much effort into this. Once again, amazing job.
    I will also provide a link to a specific post once I finish it. If you comment, I will reply by leaving a link.


  21. My favorite drawing is the one of kawii chibi. I like its eyes. The eyes looks like when you are watching a tv show and there is a little tat really wants something. Then there eyes become more glossy. I like all of your drawings. They are all cool and creative.

  22. Hello Agathe,
    This blog was Awesome. I can relate because I also watch anime and like to draw. My favorite anime are My Her Academia and Naruto. Also when I draw I mostly draw dragons or other creatures. I think you should try to watch these some time.

    See you soon,

    1. Hi Kenneth,
      Thank you so much, I will make sure to check out those animes. I am still working on drawing dragons and mythical creatures by heart and it is so hard! You must be really good at drawing!


  23. Dear Agathe,
    I love anime! Sometimes I look up pictures that I can draw but I actually put different details on my drawings. I even have a sketch book that I got for my birthday this year. My friends love my drawings, so I give my drawings to them, unless it’s in my sketch book.

    If you would like visit my blog, go to the link below:

    If you would like to look a ]t one of my drawing, go to the link below:

    Thank you,

    1. I have learnt to draw on my own in addition to normal school art classes.
      I will visit your blog asap!

    1. Hi,
      I have grown up to draw with nothing more than myself and normal school art classes.
      I will visit your blog asap!


    1. Hello from west Africa, xD
      The first sketch was about when I first switched from the British school system to the American where I struggled to fit in. Just some memories came up and inspired me.
      I will visit your blog asap.


  24. Hey I love anime so much and love the kid in the (five nights at Freddy’s) costume it is so cool. I can’t wait to look at more of your drawings.

  25. Dear Agathe,
    Wow, here I thought I would never find someone with the same interests as me on fairy tail I’m on episode 335 its kind of hard to find free places to watch without the screen being small. I once recall watching Naruto but it was my sister playing it on the tv, I was a HUGE Pokemon fan but now the shows aren’t as good. It’s cool you can draw chibi’s it’s so hard for me because the heads are huge and the body small but chubby it’s really hard.
    I draw stuff in my own style but sometimes a little anime. Its great to finally meet someone like you, I hope you can check out my blog!

    1. Hi Abby,
      I LOVE Fairy Tail!! I’m not sure what episode I’m on (I lose track) but its when Fairy Tail fights the dragons and Natsu meets Igneel again. Also I can completely relate with the struggle of not being able to find a platform to watch it on. I used to also be interested in Pokemon, but mostly because of the style of the Pokemon.
      It is amazing to meet you!
      Also, could you send me the link to your blog please?

  26. Dear Agathe,
    I also love drawing sometimes I enjoy just sketching things that come to me in my mind. I don’t really watch anime but I do watch a lot of YouTube and I’ll be sure to check your youtubers out. Other than anime what other shows do you watch? For me I really like watching Netflix and finding great series such as a show called Stranger Things which I’m watching cuurently. I hope you can show more drawings you have made.
    Sincerely, R’eonna.
    Also if you can check out my blog sometime heres the link:https://kidblog.org/portfolio/d66w2r017uc4ftyab6wkgloeg/posts

    1. Hi R’eonna,
      Thank you! I LOVE Netflix! I just started Stranger things on Friday and already am on season 2. Some shows which I also enjoy include Arrow, Supergirl, Blacklist, the 100, and Zoo.
      I will make sure to make another post where I show some more drawings! If you have any sugestions for what I should draw, I’m open to anything!

      Thanks again,

  27. I really enjoy “My Future Diary.” I enjoy it because when I was younger I always wanted to tell the future. Spoiler alert, since Yuki is always getting dead ends meaning his diary is telling him he is going to die. Also if the phone is broken he dies with it. Besides that, I love that because knowing when your gonna die is great. I think that because I would just hide in a corner with a weapon.

  28. I really like the different types of sketch. I am trying to do people sketches but I’m still working on it. I really like the drawings.

  29. Hi my name is Melissa i think your drawing were so cool . I have never seen anime shows but i have there really cool i am thinking of watching them! I also draw I always draw cartoons i watch . I was so obsessed with five nights of Freddy I liked how it was give you scare jumps and the best part is that I liked Bonnie that was my favorite character so when i saw this drawing i was amazed.I deleted it after a while because when it would be on you tube it would just exit out and go to the game it was kinda freaky at first so i just deleted it.

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Thank you very much!
      I highly recommend watching anime, although you need to find them with subtitles or correct voice overs if you don’t understand Japanese.
      I also loved the jump scares in FNAF, however I really fell in love with the style of the characters, my two favorites being Bonnie and original Freddy. I also deleted my game too, but mostly because all my memory was filling up.


  30. Dear Agthe
    I really like your drawings and wish Ii could draw like that but I am a horrible drawer. I really like the anime One Punch Man but only watch it if you like subtitles. That is because they don´t speak english. I hope you will reply.
    Thanks Kaleb

  31. Dear Agathe,
    I am not really good at drawing and I stopped drawing for a bit but your drawings make me want to start drawing again!

  32. Dear Agathe,
    I really love to draw. I really can draw any of the expert stuff yet but I always like to try drawing people and weird backgrounds. I loved all of your drawings some of my friends draw too and some have like 3D stuff which is really cool. When did you start drawing? Did you teach yourself or did someone teach you? I would really like to know.
    You should check out my website at: goo.gl/xDt4gJcontent_


  33. Dear Agathe,
    Hey ther i’m Enrique (of course you don’t know me) I like to draw sometimes and i’m really good at it (sometimes). I really like your drawings and i would want to know how in the world do u do that.

    – Enrique

    1. Hello Enrique,
      Good question. xD
      I’m not sure how to answer that! However I can say that doing things in pencil first makes everything easier.

      Thank you,

  34. Dear Agathe,
    Your drawing is really nice and pretty. The look like they are part of a book. I have seen nice drawings before, but never have I seen drawing as good as yours.

  35. Dear Agathe

    I really like the simple and quick, neat, pencil sketch with shading.i would like to learn how to draw but unfortunately i do not have time because of school work.You will now inspire me to try drawing like you.I had a question and that is if you can draw any other designs.
    please check out my blog goo.gl/YnkywK Thank you


    1. Dear Edward,
      Thank you very much. I’m glad I’m an inspiration to you! I am currently working on more drawings to blog about, and so I will make sure I include different types of styles and designs.


    1. Hi Deriyus,
      I started drawing animes because I have an uncle who does so as a living and I watch many YouTubers who reference animes; but mostly because I just love the style, I can’t exactly explain why though…
      I haven’t watched Dragon Ball Z yet but I have heard of it.


  36. Dear Agathe,
    I really liked the first drawing you did because it looked so realistic. The picture looked so good even though it did not have color. I like to draw things too, but the pictures I draw do not look as good as your’s do. Did you learn how to draw like that on your own or did you get drawing classes?


  37. Hello Agatha! Can I just say your work is fabulous. You are so talented, I wist that I could draw like that. What age were you when you stated drawing? My favorite piece is the one with a school girl hiding behind a tree. Your work is so special because when I look at these pictures I can create a story based off of your beautiful works of art. Keep up the good work and keep drawing.
    Please check out my blog – http://abigailmgms24.edublogs.org/

    1. Hi!
      Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my drawings. I started drawing from a really young age, but I’m not specifically sure about how old I was.
      I will check out your blog asap!


  38. Dear Agathe,
    I love your drawings! They are amazing and unique! I’d like to know if you’ve drawn other characters from FNAF. I think you should continue drawing and later in life you could be a professional and maybe even draw animations for movies! MY favorite anime is dragon ball z!

    From AngieS,

    1. Hi Angie S,
      I am currently working on some more drawings to blog about. As a matter of fact, I hope to have a career in either architecture or animation!

  39. Dear Agathe,
    I am also interested in drawing, and I am very good at it. I don’t like anime much, but like to draw a lot of stuff. If you have any drawing techniques, I would like to know them to help me be better at drawing.
    Sincerely, Parker.
    Check out my blog: http://parkerwgms24.edublogs.org

    1. Hi Parker,

      When I draw I normally start off in pencil, using light yet rough lines. I just draw and redraw without erasing until I have the right shapes and/or forms I want. Then I outline it with marker or pen and erase the pencil lines. Then I color it in using darker and lighter shades of markers/ pens to create little shadows. Normally this is what I use when I am drawing chibis or cartoon characters.

      Hope it helps!

    1. Hi again,
      Something that could eventually help is if you draw in pencil first, using light yet rough lines. You just draw and redraw without erasing until you have the right shape or form you want. Then you outline it with marker or pen and erase the pencil lines.
      Something else that would help is if you started easy using an online line drawing sample and trying to copy some for practice.

      Hope this helps cure ‘WW2’! xD
      -Random person #4

    1. Hi Alexander,
      I am about to start working on some more drawings to blog about. If you want, I will be more than happy to try to draw and color a car for you.


  40. Hello Agahe!
    I think your post along with your drawings is really awesome! I really love to draw as well, I like to draw animals, still life, and people. My favorite way of drawing is just using pencils and I love to make the shadows of objects. Like in your picture at the top, it is only drawn in pencil. I do this all the time, but I wounder if you have ever drawn yourself as an anime character?
    Check out my blog at http://cheridendgms24.edublogs.org/

    1. Hi Cher,
      I have recently drawn myself in a manga style for my art class, if you want I can post it on my next drawing post.


  41. I love your drawings I’m a big fan of drawing myself. My favorite things to draw are animals. I love death the kid. Do you know him? I haven’t watch many anime TV shows or moves but I’m starting to get into it. Do you have any recommendations for me? I think you have awesome pieces of art I would work on more detail but other then that It look. great.http://cayleegms24.edublogs.org/

  42. Dear Agathe,
    I recommend you should draw more anime. You are really good at drawing anime. Keep up the good work.
    Sincerely Oscar V

  43. Hi Agathe! I am Yuki. I read your post and you really like to draw. I like to sketch buildings and vehicles in 3D. I am Japanese so I know HUNTER X HUNTER. In my house I have all of the series of that manga. My favorite manga is World Trigger. I am bad at drawing characters why do you make it so cool? Also check out my blog at http://yukikgms24.edublogs.org/

  44. Dear Agathe,

    I really love to draw as well! I truly love how you made the fan art for FNAF cute, even though the game is dark and creepy. I was wondering, do you ever draw animals? I love drawing animals, but I can’t draw people like you.

    If you can, check out my blog: http://emerywgms24.edublogs.org


    1. Hi Emery,

      As a matter of fact, I would rather draw animals than humans, I just realized I didn’t show that by drawing only humans. I will make sure to include more animals for my next drawing post.


  45. Hi Agathe,
    I really like your drawings. What kinds of anime do you watch/read?  I watch Blue Exorcist, One Piece, Sword Art, Case Closed, Fairy Tail, and Ouran Highschool.  I like all of then, but my favorites are Blue Exorcist and Fairy Tail. Come check out my blog!: http://hmsjennifer.edublogs.org/

    1. Hello,
      Some animes that I am currently watching are Fairy Tail, Gunslinger Girl, and Vanguard.


  46. Hi Agathe,

    The anime that I like is Naruto Shippuden and Boruto. Some ideas that I have for you is The Sharingan of Itachi and his face. Please check out my blog.

    – hmsskylar

  47. How in the world can you draw like that? Every time I draw or at least attempt to it looks like I scribbled, a bunch. Have you ever thought about being an artist when you grow up? I think my favorite drawing has to be the first one that says “No one noticed.” How long did it take you to draw it?

  48. Hello Agathe,
    I really like your drawings I like the Five Nights at Freddy’s drawing. My favorite anime is Naruto which I finished a while ago. I am currently watching One Piece,Dragon Ball Super, Boruto: Naruto next generations and Fairy Tail.


  49. Hi, Agathe!
    I love the drawing style of your art! I enjoy Hunter x Hunter and many other types of anime and mangas! What inspired you to draw these pictures? I might even do a post about drawing too, if I were confident enough! Keep drawing and keep watching anime/manga!

    ^U^ Otaku out,

  50. Agathe, I love to draw! It is my favorite hobby. I also really like a couple of anime shows (“Ouran High School Host Club” and “Sword Art Online”) and enjoy watching YouTube. I think my favorite drawing that you did was the first pencil drawing that you did. I feel like it had a story to it, and the shading really helped to express the mood of it. I wanted to know, what made you want to start drawing? What made you decide you wanted to draw things with stories or cute characters from your favorite shows and videos? Finally, what is your favorite thing to draw? Thank you!

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I started drawing at a young age and just naturally continued. I got inspired by pretty much everything and mostly like to draw cartoons from actual cartoons or video games.


  51. Hi Agatha,

    Wow! You are amazing at shading!
    Here is a tip for you: Sometimes it looks cool if you use lighter, softer lines where light is, and darker, more solid lines where there are shadows. My favorite anime is Totoro. Have you heard of it?


    Check out my blog here: http://techkidjulien.edublogs.org/

  52. Hello Agetha,
    Your drawings are so creative! I also enjoy drawing and other kinds of art. I don’t usually draw anime but I draw a lot of other things. How do you get inspired to draw you artwork?

  53. Hi am Jayden and I like those pictures a lot. I don’t no how you draw like that I don’t even no how to draw like that.I wish I could draw like that but I can only draw characters from games.

  54. Hi Agathe,
    I love to draw too, it’s my favorite hobby. I love your first drawing, it’s simply amazing. The hair is so detailed, that braid is amazing! Could you give some tips on that? I always have trouble with braids. Also are you in art club?
    My URL: http://gaurvi26.edublogs.org/

    1. Hi Gaurvi,
      I will give some more tips on my next drawing post!
      And no, I am not in art club as we do not have one at our school.


  55. Hi, I’m hmskailey,
    I really like your post and I love drawing and doing anime. I hope that I can draw just like you. I love your drawings there amazing! 🙂

  56. Hi Agathe,
    I like your post! I really like your drawings. It’s very nice. My favorite anime is Dragon Ball Super and I also like Naruto. If you can draw something, can you draw Goku ( from DBZ ) that is a Super Saiyan? If you do, thanks!


  57. To answer your question, my favorite anime right now is Re Zero which came out in 2016. It is about romance as well as adventure. I don’t want to spoil anything so I don’t want to say anything.

  58. HOW DID YOU GET SO MANY COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi i’m maria Jimenez Lomeli i like you i hope you can teach me.

  59. I love to draw, it’s one of my favorite hobbies I like to do with my friends and cousins. I really want to be a great drawer like you!


  60. Hi Agathe! My name is Bianca, I love drawing but especially anime. Your first drawing I adore, it is spectacular. I haven’t heard of SirCutieYuki but that drawing is really good. My brother loves all of the Fnaf (Five nights at freddy’s) games. Your Bonnie is amazing, I so wish I could draw as well as you.

    All the best,

    (Ps. Check out my blog!! http://biancab23.edublogs.org/)

  61. Dear Agathe,
    Hi! My name is Raya. I also really love anime! I watch many animes such as Haikyuu, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Yuri on Ice, and much much more :). I highly recommend that you watch Haikyuu! It is my favorite anime. I also really like to draw! I really like the drawings you did! You can check out my blog if you want! – http://hmsraya.edublogs.org Can you please recommend me some animes to watch. Thanks!

    1. Hi Raya,
      Thanks for the recommendations! My favorite animes are Fairy Tail and Gunslinger Girl, but seeing as you already watch Fairy Tail, I recommend Gunslinger Girl!


  62. Hey Agathe,

    I’m Sarah. My favorite animes are Seven Deadly Sins and I’m starting Fairy Tail. My friends, Jennifer, is saying that I should watch Blue Exorcist. Tell me your thoughts. I’m not a huge fan of anime, but I enjoy it (if it’s interesting). Come check out my blog! I hope we can be friends. http://hmssarah.edublogs.org/


    1. Hi Sarah,
      I never watched Blue Exorcist, however Fairy Tail is one of my favorite animes.
      Hope we can be friends too. 😀

  63. Hello Agathe,

    The first thing that I have to say, is that you are very good a drawing. I am not the best at is but I do like to doodle around with a pencil. I have been drawing for a couple of years, but I never really took it a lot in school. My favorite of your drawing’s is the first one, I like how it is realistic. How long do you think that you have been drawing for?

    1. Hi Luke,
      To be honest, I have been drawing since I was able to hold a crayon. xD
      Not that my drawings were always decent!


  64. Those drawings are outstanding! I couldn’t do half of good as you do with your drawings. Mine look like as if I was trying to draw something complex with my left hand. I don’t watch much anime but my favorite was Pokemon, I watched that 24/7. Nice job.

  65. Hi, Agathe,

    First of all, WOW!!! I love it!
    Great job!
    And secondly, do you play video games? If you do what kind?
    Also, to answer your question, I would love it if you drew some fanart of BATIM (Bendy and the Ink Machine-video game). You don’t have to do it, it’s optional.
    Anyway, one last thing to say is that you are an amazing drawer so DON’T forget that. 🙂 Well, better leave because you’re probably reading so many lovable comments that you’re getting tired of reading. So, Bye!
    Check me out if you have time!

  66. Dear Agathe,
    You are an amazing artist and I love all three of the drawings on this blog post. This is also a really good idea for a blog post. My favorite drawing is your first pencil sketch but it was really hard to choose one. What drawing was the most fun for you to draw?

  67. Hello Agathe,
    I have enjoyed viewing your photos. I think that you are very talented, and that you should keep pursuing your passion of drawing. I wish I could draw like that!

    From, Max

  68. Hello, Agathe
    I love your drawings! They are so beautiful and so adorable at the same time. I am a huge Five Nights At Freddy’s fan, though I have never really been that big of a fan of Anime, some of my friends in eighth grade are telling me I should watch Anime. Any recommendations? Which Five Nights At Freddy’s game is your favorite, mine is Five Nights At Freddy’s four because of the mini-games. Do you watch Game Theory?
    Here is the link to my blog, please check it out: http://sxwie.edublogs.org/
    Thank you!
    – Sarah W.

  69. Hi Agathe,
    My name is Moses, I like your last drawing, I don’t draw because i’m not that good.
    I wonder what the second picture means? I wished you added some color to the first one. I like all the drawings!!! really good (P.S. I don’t watch anime) ☹
    Here’s my link to my blog http://blog.elanco.org/burkholdz1q/

  70. This is so cool i actally kinda like art my self do what is your inspiration to draw what motavates you also you probaly already know this but your a great drawer and i hope you check out my blog this is the crativity that i had when i made my avatar.

    My avatar represents me in way because of looks it looks like me obviously. Also it has my curly hair ( ; and it gives it the details that look like me, brown eyes. I’m always smiling and very happy. She has on one of my favorite colors on, pink. She is unique because she is my own style she looks like me and no other people are going to have the exact same avatar as me. The reason why I did my avatar this way I wanted someone to look like me and I wanted to have fun with it. I made it out of creativity just testing things out to make it. That’s what it turned out to be just like me. That’s why its so unique I love the way it turned out very very beautiful.

    The website I got it from was FaceYourManga

  71. Hey Agathe,

    I loved all of your drawings because they were very good and not sloppy. My favorite drawing was the first one. I drew me in more than the others. If you do more than human drawings, I would suggest that you do an animal drawing like a dog.

    Please visit my blog at http://akhig92d.edublogs.org/

  72. Dear,
    I love to draw in my free time I am also trying to learn how to draw anime also I think you’re a very good drawer I hope one day I might be as good as you are.

  73. I think that is good I like the drawings. Did you learn by yourself or did you see it somewhere? I think you did well.

  74. Dear Agathe,
    I love all of your pics that you drew. my favorite one is the kawaii chibi character in a Bonnie costume. how long did it take you to make?

  75. Hi Agathe! I really loved your drawings of anime characters. They were really good (better than I can do!). My favorite anime character that you drew was Eyeball. It had very good detail, and I really liked the purple-blue hair color of Eyeball. I think you should put more drawings that you have on your blog because you have great artistic ability. Here is a link to my blog: http://rmhor92d.edublogs.org/. I hope you visit and you can maybe leave a comment of your own!

    Ryan H.

  76. I liked your first drawing of the girl with the braid in her hair using a pencil. I also had an experience similar to what your post depicts, because it was a huge school and I didn’t really have a lot of friends. Here’s a link to my blog: http://aicas92.edublogs.org/

  77. Hello Agathe! I have loved reading and looking at your pictures and I absolutely LOVE it! I have been a fan of SirCutieYuki since I watched SamGladiator make the Yandere series and I love it, along with the FNAF anime, it’s cute! Kinda like my art style that I have myself. I will be sure to check up on you daily 🙂 And I am not such a good drawer like you but do you know what Undertale is? If you do, can you make a picture?

    1. Hi!
      This is the first time I meet someone who also watched SamGladiator’s Yandere series and watches SirCutieYuki! Have you watched all of Sam’s seasons and episodes? I do know Undertale, and will make sure to do some drawings on it!

  78. Wow, you draw really good. I don’t know your favorite YouTubers but they sound cool. My favorite drawing was the first one.

  79. I like how you draw all of your pictures. They are very cool! I draw a little bit here and there; you know? Just wondering how long have you been drawing?

  80. Hoi Agathe,

    Your drawings look amazing and well drawn. I really like Pokemon because of their cute creatures and I also like to draw some of the characters as well. Your drawing is even better than mine! I bet you will be a great artist when you grow up, keep up the good work!

  81. HI, this is hmsshayla! Can you draw an animated dog? I love you drawings they are very nice. I have one question, what got you into drawing?

  82. Hi Agathe!
    I really love your drawings they are amazing! I could never do anything like that. I really like the different styles of drawing you do. I especially liked the last drawing that you did it was really cute! visit my blog:http://hmskarli.edublogs.org


  83. Hello Agathe,
    I love all your drawings! I also like to draw too, but I’m not as good as you are, I take art classes. My favorite, I would say is the third picture shown. It’s so adorable! Maybe you should try draw any pets of yours, if you have one, or maybe your self. That maybe be pretty challenging.

    Sincerely Fern,

  84. Hello,
    I am hmskyla. Your art is amazing and very detailed, you have very good shading too! My favorite anime is quite scary to be honest. it’s called “When they cry” anime. There’s all sorts of episodes in it. If you want to check it out yourself, just go on youtube and type the name in. Keep up the good work! Good luck. 🙂

  85. Hey Agathe,
    Your drawings are amazing and you’re really talented. I also do love to draw and sketch but I can’t draw people for the life of me. I think all your drawings are so cool and keep up the amazing work. I really enjoyed your post and if you have any spare time please check out my blog http://hmsmina.edublogs.org/

  86. Hi Agathe
    It was nice to see your blog. I recently started watching anime and I love the Fairy Tail Series. The first time I read a manga, I opened it the wrong way. I would love to read and see more of your anime blog posts in the future.

  87. Hi Agathe,

    My name is hmstayne, I enjoy look at your blog and see that maybe you should show your art more often. I would love to see them. As you can see on my blog http://hmstayne.edublogs.org/. You can tell what I like. But if you can comment on my blog that would be great.


  88. Hi Agathe,
    Your drawings are amazing. I don’t watch too much anime, but I have watched Seven Deadly Sins and it is really cool.


  89. Hi Agathe,
    I loved your drawings, you’re a really good artist. I don’t really watch anime, but the one that I have watched is called Seven Deadly Sins, it’s really cool.


  90. Hello,
    Hi, I’m Logan. Your drawings are amazing, and I wish I could draw as well as you. I really like your art style I especially like your third one which felt the most unique and creative to me. I can’t really suggest what you anime you should draw next because I don’t watch any, but I know that chances are, it’s going to look great.


  91. Hi I’m hmsbraeden
    I love drawing when I’m in the mood to. When I’m in the mood I can draw okay drawing but you taught me a lot on your blog.

  92. I liked your post Agathe, I liked your drawing, it was cool. I think Im pretty good at drawing but not good at free hand drawing or whatever it is. What was your favorite drawing that you did? My favorite was when I made a penguin.

    Visit my site at: http://brandonkgms24.edublogs.org/

  93. Hello,
    I love anime and manga
    I also like drawing, but I am not good. Your drawings look amazing I wish I could draw like that.
    From hmsPikachu9000_32BoBPeepachuEverett

  94. Great drawing skill, I can see many emotions coming from each one. I have never been too good at art before but you seem to know what you are doing. Are you working on anything right now? If so, please share it when you finish, it is very cool to see other people’s writing styles.

    My blog – http://noahpgms24.edublogs.org/

  95. Hey, I really enjoy drawings maybe I’ll make a post about that eventually. Anyways, I really enjoy art, I draw all the time but I’m no where close to your level. Make sure to check out my blog right Here

  96. As soon as I saw this, I immediately picked it. At the top of my list of anime, it’s definitely the Pokemon series. Another one of my favorites is one I haven’t seen in Lord knows how long ago: Speed Racer. That was one of my favorite things to watch years back. My favorite manga has got to be the origin story of The Legend of Zelda, found in the back of the Hyrule Historia, followed by the Twilight Princess series (I’m still waiting for the third one to come out). Sorry that I don’t have any recommendations (wait, yes I do: the Phoenix Wright anime), but if you read this, then thank you for listening.

  97. Hey Agathe!
    Your drawings are awesome!!!! I try to draw, but I am not particularly good at it. What is your favorite type of drawing (if that is a good question, and if it makes any sense)? Did someone teach you how to draw like that, or did you learn all on your own? Btw, look at my blog (there isn’t much on it): http://wcbur92d.edublogs.org/


  98. Hi Agatha

    I really like your drawings. What anime’s do you watch?
    Would you consider doing drawing tutorials on anime/ manga characters?

  99. You are an incredible artist, I draw and sketch a bit to. if you know what it is, you should draw some Final Fantasy fan art.

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